If you are a Member or a Network Associate of the EUBREAST Network and would like to submit a new scientific study proposal, please find the form below.

If you are not a Member or Network Associate, you may still submit a proposal, but please note that Members and Network Associates have priority.


Application Process:

Once you have completed the EUBREAST Clinical Trial Proposal Form (link below), please send it to

If the proposal has been completed properly and is found to be in line with EUBREAST's mission, it will be sent to our Internal Review Board (IRB) for an official evaluation.

Once approved by the IRB, it will then be sent onto our Network Scientific Board for their expert consideration. Should your proposal be sent to the Network Scientific Board, you will be notified so that you might prepare a brief presentation of your proposal at our next Network Scientific Board meeting.


If you have any questions about what we are looking for, how to complete the study proposal form, or the evaluation process, please do not hesitate to contact


If your proposal is time-sensitive, please indicate this in your email.


Thank you and we look forward to your receiving your proposals!

Clinical Trial Proposal Form