Breast cancer treatment in the COVID 19 pandemic EUBREAST offers access to relevant literature and recommendations for physicians and patients.


EUBREAST would like to share the message of the European Cancer Organisation’s Time to Act campaign -
Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling Cancer


NEW! International, Interdisciplinary (Surgery / Radiooncology) Survey of EUBREAST on regional Management  

in Clinically Node-Positive Breast Cancer Patients converting to Node-Negativity after Primary Systemic Treatment


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Live Webinar:
January 20, 2022
at 18.00 CEST
Oxford Debate:
Is BCT associated with
a survival benefit when
compared to Mastectomy ?

SABCS AXillary Surgery
After NeoAdjuvant treatment

Perspectives on axillary
management after primary
systemic treatment: an
international EUBREAST survey

AXillary Surgery After
NeoAdjuvant Treatment

The international AXSANA

trials has recruited the

first patient in July 2020!


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International newsletter 04/2021
German newsletter 08/2021

1000th patient

The AXSANA study team proudly

announces, that the 1000th patient
has been included into the study by
PI Dr. Ingo Bauerfeind,
Landshut, Germany.
The International Steering Committe

wants to thank all collaborators for
their tremendous contributions


Newsletter - October 2021



Breast cancer treatment
in the COVID 19 pandemic

EUBREAST offers access to
relevant literature and
recommendations for
physicians and patients.


The EUBREAST Network is a group of independent, charitable non-profit associations. The Network’s primary goal is to research less extensive approaches to breast cancer surgery in order to improve cancer patients’ quality of life and help them return as quickly as possible to their professional and active daily lifestyles. The renowned European breast cancer surgeons who make up this network have combined forces to ensure that this scientific progress is transferred more swiftly into clinical practice, to the direct benefit of the patients.

The EUBREAST Network plans and coordinates the implementation of projects, studies and trials. Each Association in the Network is an independent, legal entity ( Italy  - Main focus: Webinars / Events) and Germany (current main focus: Studies / AXSANA). 


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Current main focus:  Webinars / Events



Dr. Oreste Gentilini

Via Alessandro Manzoni 38

20121 Milano MI




Network Coordinator:

Sarah Goldman

+39 340 7625201






Current main focus: trialsAXSANA




Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Kühn


Baumreute 37

D-73730 Esslingen, Germany

Phone: +49 711 3103 3051

Fax: +49 711 3103 3052



Statute EUBREAST e.V. 


EUBREAST e.V. (Germany) and EUBREAST ETS (Italy)
members of the BIG Against Breast Cancer Network

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The founding of EUBREAST

The idea of the EUBREAST network was born at the 15th International St. Gallen Consensus Conference on Breast Cancer in Vienna in 2017. Nine European experts on breast cancer surgery discussed options of how to promote scientific collaboration of surgical oncologists within Europe. In September 2018, the EUBREAST non-profit association in Italy was founded. In Germany, the non-profit association EUBREAST e.V. was founded in October 2020. Both registered charitable associations cooperate as a network in order to reach their common goals.