Breast cancer treatment in the COVID 19 pandemic

EUBREAST international survey „Changes in breast cancer management during the Corona Virus Desease 19 pandemic“ published in „The Breast“ 52 (2020), 110-115. To view survey click here.

EUBREAST offers access to relevant literature and recommendations for physicians and patients.


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EUBREAST article
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The Goals of EUBREAST

Researching less extensive approaches to breast cancer surgery in order to improve the quality of life of affected women is the purpose of EUBREAST. The non-profit network of renowned oncological breast surgeons aims at joining forces throughout Europe to accelerate scientific progress for the direct benefit of breast cancer patients.


The current situation

In Europe, more than five hundred thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. EUBREAST physicians are convinced that less radical surgery is possible in the meantime for many of these patients without accepting any higher risk. This can help to reduce the physical and psychological burden after breast cancer operations and facilitate the return to an active life for affected women. Research which is targeted at reducing the amount of required therapy doesn‘t readily attract financial support, because it’s results do not involve any direct economic profit for the sponsors. Therefore, EUBREAST welcomes supporters who share it’s European vision and the goal to increase the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer.


The main objectives of EUBREAST are:


The founding members of EUBREAST strongly believe in the strength of cross-border clinical trials in Europe. Well-organized breast centers are readily available due to the long history of quality-assured interdisciplinary breast cancer care in Europe, resulting in high-level scientific research so far organized on a national basis. However, cross-border cooperation between surgeons and their interdisciplinary partners is indispensable to ensure rapid and effective progress in the treatment of breast cancer and for the well-being of the patients.


The founding of EUBREAST

The idea of EUBREAST was born at the 15th International St. Gallen Consensus Conference on Breast Cancer in Vienna in 2017. Nine European experts on breast cancer surgery discussed options of how to promote scientific collaboration of surgical oncologists within Europe. In June 2018, the Executive Board of EUBREAST was constituted in Esslingen, Germany at the first General Assembly. In September 2018, EUBREAST was officially founded as a non-profit organisation with its seat in Milan, Italy. EUBREAST officially commenced work with the first meeting of the Executive Board on 16 November 2018 in Esslingen, Germany.